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Violet Starr

Name: Violet Starr
Aka: Kuleana / Violet li / missvioletstarr / violetstarrxxx
Dob: 1996-12-23
Height: 5'5" (or 165 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (or 60 kg)
Measurements: 34-27-38
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Latino
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Tampa
State: Florida

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The truth is that the current porn market is very saturated and borderline boring. The old schemes are being repeated with an uncountable amount of videos and actresses who are trying their best to blend into current trends. But that is not the case with Violet. This stunning babe, who loves to perform in blow jobs porn videos, is going to prove that with ease and by doing the complete opposite of what others do. Being focused on casual porn, this girl makes dicks harder than the pine trees of Canada in the peak temperatures of the subzero winters that are ruling there. With those dicks, she does things that are loved by those who like tradition and a big orgasm. Of course, it might not be perfect for everyone, but it will make everyone shoot their load with pleasure. This is just how it goes with this babe, and that is why she has this many fans across the globe. The natural course of action it is; that is how nature works, so use it for your own benefit.

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