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Elena Koshka - Movie Theater Footjob
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
7 min of video
Elena Koshka is at the movies with her guy friend when she decides to be inappropriate. She reaches her feet over onto him, exposing that she decided not to wear anything underneath her skirt. This blows his mind! He looks around nervously, but no one seems to notice. Even if they...

Tags: .Primal's Footjob Domination. 18 & 19 Big Loads Cumshots
Elena Koshka - Nurse Tease & Edge
Elena Koshka
40 min of video
Day 1 - Nurse Elena comes in after a long shift. She knows you have been afraid of this all day.  She edges you for her amusement, bringing you to the brink over and over, then, just leaving you there helpless, unable to do anything to relieve the horrible pressure. Day 2 - Nurse...

Tags: .Primal's Handjob Fantasies. Big Dicks Big Loads Brat Girls
Elena Koshka - Sweet & Sensual Blowjob
Elena Koshka
23 min of video
Elena Koshka works her way onto your throbbing cock nice and slow. She knows how beautiful she is and how easily excitable you are when she comes around. As she licks, sucks, and touches you, she adds a sweet, gentle touch to every pleasurable move she makes. Her gorgeous blue eyes...

Tags: .Primals Teasing Edging Grinding. Big Dicks Big Loads Blow Jobs
Elena Koshka - Mesmerizing the Prima Donna
Elena Koshka
27 min of video
Elena Koshka is one of the theater's premier performers. With a body like that, it's no wonder the turnout's been so good. But now she's demanding more money, insisting that she's the best dancer in the theater and the only reason the shows do well. If I say no, she won't perform...

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. 18 & 19 Big Dicks Big Loads
Sexual Domination Match: Elena vs BT
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
14 min of video
In a battle for sexual domination, the first to orgasm is the winner. Following a series of humiliating scissorhold KO's, Elena Koshka's strength is down, especially in her legs. But BT's drive to win is higher than ever. The amazon pins him a few times, sitting on his face, but her...

Tags: .Primals Wrestling Sex. 18 & 19 Amazons Big Dicks
Sexual Supremacy Match - Elena vs BT
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
9 min of video
Elena Koshka is young, powerful, and full of ambition. But she also has a cockiness that rivals BT, making it fitting that he is her first opponent. Fighting for sexual supremacy, battling to see who can make the other cum first, Elena starts off with smile, thinking she'll go easy...

Tags: .Primals Wrestling Sex. 18 & 19 Big Dicks Big Loads
Elena Koshka - Tired Nurse's Feet Foot Job
Elena Koshka
13 min of video
You're in the hospital in your bed and you've been buzzing for Elena Koshka ALL DAY. She finally comes in later on, even though you didn't buzz for her. She sits down next to you, takes her shoes off and drops them on the floor, and starts stretching her legs out onto you. She says...

Tags: .Primal's Footjob Domination. Big Dicks Big Loads Brat Girls
Girl 100 - Full Massage and Sex
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
74 min of video
What a beautiful girl!!!! Just a little shy in the way she stands, but it doesn't keep her from being comfortable naked on the table. I took my time massaging every inch of her young body. Amazing long legs and such soft skin. Soft little moans and responses. This does build up to...

Tags: .Erotic Massage Master. 18 & 19 Amateur Amazons