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Girl 100 - Full Massage and Sex
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
74 min of video
What a beautiful girl!!!! Just a little shy in the way she stands, but it doesn't keep her from being comfortable naked on the table. I took my time massaging every inch of her young body. Amazing long legs and such soft skin. Soft little moans and responses. This does build up to...

Tags: .Erotic Massage Master. 18 & 19 Amateur Amazons
Superior Girl: Enslaved XXX - Elena Koshka
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
40 min of video

Superior Girl is an incredibly powerful superheroine, but not more powerful than the dark, black magic of a sinister villain...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. 18 & 19 Amazons Big Dicks
Elena Koshka - The Nanny
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
77 min of video
Elena Koshka applies for a Nanny job, but the interviewer has to make sure she's going to take care of his little man and not have boys over to fool around with. The only way to make sure she doesn't is for him control her mind- and her orgasms.   Elena comes to work...

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. 18 & 19 Amazons Big Dicks
Soviet Supergirl - Captured And Converted XXX - Elena Koshka
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
46 min of video
The Contractor is sent to Earth 73, a reality where Soviet Supergirl crash landed in the USSR to bring her back for General Thorn's nefarious plans The Contractor captures and bonds Soviet Supergirl as he forces her to orgasm continuously, humiliating and breaking her. General...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. 18 & 19 Aliens & Monsters Amazons
Superior Girl's Downfall: Malador's XXX - Elena Koshka
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
34 min of video
Malador may be an evil genius, but his physical strength is pathetic next to amazonian beauty Superior Girl. She has no trouble taking him out and sending him to prison. But 3 years later, she hears tale of his escape. The evil genius is stubborn and returns to his former layer, tracked...

Tags: 18 & 19 Amazons BDSM Big Dicks
Elena Koshka - Mesmerizing The Masseuse
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
40 min of video
I set up this massage with this really sexy masseuse that I went to once before. This time, I made sure to bring my tablet that has MY music on it. After she goes and turns it on, the influencing power of it begins to take hold and she becomes easily persuaded into making my...

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. 18 & 19 Amazons Big Dicks
Elena Koshka - Dancing Around Domination
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
10 min of video
You come into the ballet studio to find the sexy Elena stretching on a ballerina bar in a skimpy red tutu. You're both instructors and you own the studio, but now she thinks she should own it. She says she's the best instructor, she brings in the most profit, and everyone basically...

Tags: .Primal's Footjob Domination. Amazons Cock Tease Cumshots
Elena Koshka - Bitch Prima Donna Remote Control
Elena Koshka , Michael Masters
17 min of video

Elena Koshka is the star performer of a prestigious dance studio. When her director gives her choreography she thinks is beneath her, the director brings her pause and plays with her views on dancing.

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. 18 & 19 Big Dicks Big Loads