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Alix Lynx - Rival's Wife Under the Influence
Alix Lynx , Michael Masters
23 min of video
Alix Lynx is surprised when her husband's friend from work stops by the house unexpectedly. He is there to break the bad news that her husband has really been slacking and is not only not getting the promotion, but will be lucky to keep his job Alix is panicked but he offers to help...

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. Big Dicks Big Loads Big Tits
Transformation Ritual and Sacrifice
Alix Lynx , Michael Masters
28 min of video
PART ONE: The man is helpless and shackled to the floor. The young women enter chanting and take their places around him. One lowers herself down on the man's mouth, which is compelled to lick and please her. The other woman lowers herself on to his entranced cock. They continue...

Tags: .Primals Dark Fantasies. Aliens & Monsters bondage Bondage Sex
Alix Lynx - Feral Infection
Alix Lynx , Sarah Brooke
8 min of video
Nurses Sarah and Alix are cleaning the exam room after the havoc of Aidra's visit. They are totally unaware of what transpired. Alix accidentally gets poked by a syringe, and strange things start to happen... ...

Tags: .Primals Dark Fantasies. Aliens & Monsters Big Tits Blondes
Alix Lynx - Savage Transformation
Alix Lynx , Rion King
7 min of video
Green Lantern comes to strapped down in Lynx's sadistic lair. Slinking over and rubbing her body on the helpless hero, Lynx shows off the new green ring on her claws. Without his ring, he is without will, without any way to fight back, and without any way to resist. Lynx tells...

Tags: .Primals Dark Fantasies. Aliens & Monsters Big Tits Blondes
Green Lantern - No Will to Resist XXX Extended Edition - Alix Lynx And Rion King
Alix Lynx , Rion King
50 min of video
The city is quiet for the night, and Green Lantern has tracked sultry villainess Lynx to an empty restaurant. He is quite confident that he can handle the feminine feline, so much so that he fails to notice her subtle attack. Just by walking around him, Lynx has enveloped the...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. Big Dicks Big Loads Big Tits
Supergirl Falls to the God of War XXX - Alix Lynx
Alix Lynx , Michael Masters
39 min of video
Under typical circumstances, Supergirl wouldn't waste her precious time on a museum robbery. But this was no ordinary museum robbery. Briefed by Wonder Woman on its importance and value, Supergirl hunts down a very unique antique warrior helmet. Finding it in the hands of the...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. BDSM Big Dicks Big Loads
Black Adams Vengeance - The Fall of Supergirl & Green Lantern XXX - Alix Lynx & Lynn Vega
Alix Lynx , Michael Masters
79 min of video
A year ago Super Girl faced Black Adam, the superheroine was all but defeated when Green Lantern joined the fight and took Black Adam down. now Black Adam has escaped super-prison and GL is on his trail, confident she can take him down again. This time things don't go GL's way and...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. Big Dicks Big Loads Big Tits
Ardent and Halcyon Succumb to the Power of the Purple Man XXX - Alix Lynx, Sarah Brooke And Victoria
Alix Lynx , Michael Masters
25 min of video
Int bar night The Purple Man sits at a bar sipping a drink while the superheroine Iron Doll is on her knees blowing him Ardent and Halycon come in and stop shored Ardent Iron Doll, What the hell are you doing? Iron Doll (Eyes tearing and talking with a mouth full of dick) mrmprnmpenpapahhd...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. Big Dicks Big Loads Big Tits