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Divine Drops 2
Aidra Fox , Alix Lynx
90 min of video
Someone else has found out how completely a single drop from this bottle turns any woman into a total slave, willing to do anything to get his... 10 scenes, 14 women. Part 1: Aidra Fox - Bartender at Closing time Part 2: Britney Amber - Too hot to be a Doctor Part 3: Veruca...

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. 18 & 19 Big Dicks Big Loads
Aidra Fox - Newlywed Under the Influence
Aidra Fox , Michael Masters
33 min of video
Aidra Fox is a good girl and a newlywed. She has only ever been with her husband, and yet, somethings she has heard and seen make her feel like something is...missing. One of her friends at church refers her to a relationship counselor. Aidra is very shy, but the therapist manages...

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. Big Dicks Big Loads Blow Jobs
Aidra Fox - The Tutor
Aidra Fox , Michael Masters
70 min of video
Aidra Fox (as far as she is concerned) is the smartest girl to ever apply to college. She is very condescending to her tutor, but he offers to use a special educational technique to make her even smarter. Now Aidra's education really begins Aidra is back for more tutoring, and...

Tags: .Primals Mental Domination. 18 & 19 Big Dicks Big Loads
Liberty Star's Ultimate Defeat XXX
Aidra Fox , Michael Masters
72 min of video
This video consists of: Liberty Star Dominated and Devoured - Liberty Star is in her dorm room working hard on her term paper. A message comes in that many superheroines have gone missing. Putting her academics aside she rushes into action. Far below ground she explores an odd cave...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. Big Dicks Big Loads Blow Jobs
Aidra Fox - There is No Cure
Aidra Fox , Lolo Punzel
12 min of video
Aidra comes into the doctor's office after being bitten by a very large beast. She managed to get away, but not without some nasty wounds. After the doctor and nurse step out of the room, Aidra's symptoms begin to surge. When Nurse Lolo returns to take Aidra's vitals, she cannot...

Tags: .Primals Dark Fantasies. Aliens & Monsters erotic magic Face Sitting
Aidra Fox - Step-Daddy's Little Monster
Aidra Fox , Kenna Valentina
30 min of video
Aidra shows up late for class at beauty school but the teacher, Miss Kenna, tells her that class was cancelled. There is a strange hunger in Miss Kenna's eyes that draws young Aidra in. Miss Kenna offers to style Aidra's hair since Aidra could never afford something like that from...

Tags: .Primals Dark Fantasies. Blow Jobs cock riding Cum In Mouth
Aidra Fox - The Dollmaker
Aidra Fox , Michael Masters
43 min of video
Aidra is a sweet, completely broke, college student. She answers an add to model to for someone that makes dolls. The doll maker is very over friendly and very odd, but Aidra accepts a cup of tea and a plate of cookies. After a few sips and a bite Aidra just can't stay awake and...

Tags: .Primals Dark Fantasies. Blow Jobs Brunettes cosplay
Starfire - Defeated, Dominated Controlled XXX - Aidra Fox, Kenna Valentina & Sarah Brooke
Aidra Fox , Kenna Valentina
45 min of video
Starfire has been looking for her missing step-daughter Nightstar. She knows her step-daughter likes to spend time with Nightwing so she goes to the Bat Cave. Instead of her step-daughter, Nightwing or even the Bat himself Starfire finds herself confronted by Lex Luthor. The evil...

Tags: .Primals Disgraced Superheroines. Big Butts Big Dicks Big Loads